Under the Hood 🛠️

    This Python-basedsample application can be accessed on its GitHub repository [link]. The application is containerized (refer to the Dockerfile in the repository), and the container image is stored in a container registry. To minimize management overhead, the image is deployed on serverless container instances within a private subnet, ensuring automatic restart in case of failure.

    To add a touch of flair, a public load balancer serves as the entry point to the application 🚀. HTTPS listeners on the load balancer utilize Let's Encrypt certificates for secure communication 🔒. Cloudflare DNS is configured, and Full Strict SSL is enforced from the client's browser to the origin server, which, in this case, is the load balancer.

    Access to both the backend servers and the load balancer is restricted using network security groups 🔐. For a comprehensive overview of the architecture, refer to the diagram on the right , explore the source code on GitHub, and visit my blog for a detailed explanation 📝.

    Happy coding!